Roadmap to My Dreams (RTMD)

Roadmap to My Dreams is a continuous process of carving a personalized career trajectory for your child. It is a journey which identifies the child’s areas of interest, aptitude, potential and personality. Based on scientifically recorded data, we analyze and identify the dominant strengths present in your child. This can help them decide between multiple choices available in different fields such as education, hobbies, sports, art, music, career options and more. The process starts as early as kindergarten and continues till senior secondary.

GDA’s RTMD (Roadmap to My Dreams) Program, ensures: 

  • Strengths and weaknesses are identified from the early stages, through various scientifically designed tools and approaches
  • Exposure to current and emerging Careers by integrating career education as part of the regular school curriculum
  • Creating a Repository of Ability Clusters based on Research
  • Mapping the child’s “Strengths” to the right “Ability Cluster” through statistical analysis of data captured pertaining to the child, that covers academic performance, interests, dominant strengths, career preferences, non-academic performance etc.

How does it happen?
Discover dominant strengths of the child:

  • MI  RIASEC Tests: A battery of psychometric evaluations to identify dominant strengths, personality and interest areas.
  • Feedback from parents/ teachers/ counsellors.
  • Engagement level in the classroom through discovery packets and activities.Tailor important parts of the content and teaching methodology based on the identified strength. 

Design personalized education trajectory to accentuate those strengths:

  • MI  RIASEC Tests: A battery of psychometric evaluations to identify dominant strengths, personality and interest areas.
  • Map each student’s strengths to potential careers and define a career trajectory to them.
  • Expose them to opportunities that will maximize these strengths and build on them.

Design personalized education trajectory to accentuate those strengths:
Diagnosis (Discovery)

  • Educators observe and note classroom behavior and performance that point to certain dominant strengths.
  • Understand the child’s traits and nurturing those traits as they relate to the child’s dream (Dream Book), finding good role models, and expose the child to the world outside their day to day interaction.


  • Class visits, guest lectures and internships to be arranged based on dominant strengths.


  • Educators to take stock of accumulated data points from diagnostic tests, co-scholastic activities and classroom notes to point to consolidation of the child’s dominant strengths.

Committed to create a walking platform for every child to have a Roadmap to his / her dreams which if inculcated early in children’s life will reduce the wasteful detours and various wounds & scars that an unguided life leaves behind. Global DISCOVERY TEAM brings research, statistics, and science into how life changing long term decisions are made and bring them early on because an early start & focus without letting go of the fun element that a child so richly deserves is the key to an education journey that spells self confidence and happiness.

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